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Telling a story with Product Photography

Whether you are a store owne, or or an artist selling your work online; it's often more than the object or experience you are selling. If you sell Jewlery it could be a way of remembering an important day, as an artist your work could remind people of their great vacation.  Sports wear may be inspiring where someone's fitness is heading. A resterant is a place where we eat, and make memories. How in a few pictures can you tell that story?

In the photograph above the jewelry designer wanted to set a mood and let her customers know that it is a longer chain than usual, as well as show off the detail in the work. We used a three photo collage to visually tell that story. 

I find series of photos either 3 or 5 photographs long are a fun way of letting customers know what you are selling.

A few photos to set the moods and familiarize the customers with your brands aesthetic, and a few photos that detail the work.

Have fun change thing up, perhaps we will see you at the next product photography workshop.

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